Samsung’s S-Pen: Designed To Be Perfect at Every Step

Samsung S Pen

Samsung’s S-Pen: Designed To Be Perfect at Every Step

Samsung Galaxy Note series phones are some of the most powerful Android devices launched every year. We are currently witnessing the eighth generation smartphone in this series – Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Wondering how the Note 10 can be the ninth generation smartphone? Well, if you remember, Samsung has skipped the Note 6 series and jumped from Note 5 to Note 7. Every device in this series came with a variant of the S-Pen which is an included stylus of the software in the OS supported by Samsung’s Galaxy series.

Is the stylus of every Galaxy device the same? No. Each generation has an added functionality but today, we will focus only on the S-Pen from Galaxy Note 10.

Galaxy Note 10 S pen

Let’s start with some of the quick specs of the S-Pen – specifically the one that comes with Galaxy Note 10. Some of the specs are carried over from the older generation and some of them are brand new.

  • The S-Pen in the Galaxy Note 10 connects to the phone with Bluetooth
  • It runs on a super-capacitor battery instead of classic lithium-ion batteries.
  • As per Samsung, it takes 40 seconds to get fully charged.
  • A full charge allows up to 30 minutes of usage time and users get a notification when the battery reaches 20 percent.
  • As per Samsung, it uses 0.5mAh per full charge. So, it does not affect the device in any manner.
  • S-pen charges through a wireless charging method while resting within the body of the device.
  • Once the battery of the S-Pen ends, it still works without a charge and you just lose the remote capabilities.
  • This year’s S-Pen is operable from a distance of 30-feet with Bluetooth.
  • But, a little-known feature of this year’s S-Pen is the multiple tips that can be changed through a little puller tool, which you can then flip.

Some Basic Features

This year’s S-Pen comes with a variety of basic features, which work all the time and you can toggle them on and off from the settings menu.

Galaxy Note 10 S pen Features

  • Air View – With Air view feature, you can glean quick information just by hovering the stylus close to bits of information.
  • Direct Writing input – With this feature, you can fill out text fields on your phone with the actual writing. You just have to hover the stylus over a blank text field until the icon pops up.
  • Screen Off Memo – This feature helps you in taking notes on your device without unlocking the screen. You just need to remove the S-Pen when the screen is off and follow the on-screen prompts to use the feature.
  • PENUP – It helps you create drawings, color in existing drawings, and share your artwork across the collective. This can also be understood as a social network of sorts for Samsung Note owners.
  • Change S-Pen Ink Color – As the name suggests, you can change the color of the digital ink for your device.
  • Visible Pointers – It helps you set the device to show a pointer graphic when the S-Pen is close enough to the screen. This is also the oldest feature by default.

Some Impeccable Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 S-Pen

Galaxy Note 10 S pen Impeccable Features

  • Better Command Over Screen – It is one of the best features in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 S-Pen. Air Actions or the new gesture feature in the Note 10 S-Pen lets you do quirky things just like changing the camera modes, zooming on the pictures, controlling playback music and other applications, and skipping through videos. All you need to do is move your pen over the screen and get the things done.
  • Long-Press Action – By pressing the pen over the screen, you can access the camera of the device but it can also be accessed by double-tapping the on the screen. So, you can use this feature for any other application. Why not go for your Gmail or any payment application rather than opening the camera by two commands.
  • Handwriting to Text Converter – Optical Character Recognition or OCR has been a part of Google Keep and Microsoft OneNote for a long time. But, this time, it has made its way to Samsung Galaxy Note 10. This is a very cool feature but you need to enable it in the Keyboard before proceeding. To enable it, you just need to open the settings page of the Keyboard app and toggle the switch for Pen detection.

And, there you go, you now have the liberty to convert your written text into the preferred font. Now, whenever you will type in the Notes app, you will get your handwriting as the font.

  • Adding Shortcuts To The Air Command Menu – Air Command Menu sports a lot of applications from the beginning itself. So, you can change them with applications like Chrome and other applications that you use regularly.
  • Edit Video Professionally – By using the S-Pen in Note 10, you can perform professional editing on the videos and images very smoothly. It basically makes things easier by giving you finer and precise points to work with.
  • Fun with AR Doodle – Last, but certainly not the least, you can never forget to have fun with the AR Doodle feature. With the S-Pen feature in the camera, you can draw pictures and videos that include everything from funny stickers to cool doodles.