Smartphone giant Nokia introduces call recording feature

Nokia Smartphone

Smartphone brand Nokia has a Google mobile application, a component of Android One software, which verifies Android background like stock. It’s a minimalist application that collects all kinds of phone calls – missed, accepted and dialed – as well as a connection tab and a number pad.

There is not enough you can get from the Google mobile application on your Nokia smartphones. But that has evolved. Nokia’s Android devices are now making an automated call recording feature within the Google mobile app.

This innovation is already possible for some Nokia users. This news was confirmed by several users at the Nokia Community Forum, where multiple screenshots were posted to confirm the claims.

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Earlier we saw that the application by Google was essentially created for Pixel smartphones, and allowed people to record phone calls with a single tap. After January Google mobile app has begun collecting the call recorder for Pixel and Nexus devices. Some users are noticing that call recording is approved on their Nokia devices via Google’s dialer application.

This feature can sometimes be an essential subject, some of which point to uncertain legitimacy, while others think of it as real-world benefit for stuff like official conferences. Whatever side of the fence you are on, this feature has definitely brought a sense of familiarity for those those using devices like Xiaomi’s MIUI.

Google mobile call recording features can be accessed only on the Nokia 7 Plus, 7.2, and the 8.1 smartphones, and only those who lived in India. There’s no news whether the call recording feature will be accessible outside India. Also, there is no proof about when phone call recording will come to more smartphones all over the globe.