Sony Announces Two New Wireless Speakers

sony Wireless Speakers

Sony has announced two new wireless speaker systems, the SRS-RA5000 and the SRS-RA3000. Both speakers are designed with providing a room-filling sound in an indoor setting and feature Sony’s proprietary 360 Reality Audio feature.

The more expensive of the two, the RA5000 has seven speaker system with three up-firing drivers, three front-facing drivers, and an internal woofer. The up and side-firing design creates a uniform sphere of sound around the speaker regardless of its position around the room. The RA5000 also has a manual sound calibration feature, which lets it tune its audio to its current position.

The cheaper and smaller RA3000 has a triple-driver layout consisting of two tweeters that project sound in an arc through a long strip and a single woofer. There are also two passive radiators for additional low-end response.