The List Of Top Five VPNs For Windows

VPNs for Windows

Windows 10 is a massive improvement on its predecessor but it comes with a host of security issues. Integrated advertising, Cortana, and information synchronization with Microsoft servers are all made to help personalize your experience, but Windows blurs the line between personalization and privacy. Therefore, it becomes a necessity to select the best VPNs in order to maintain privacy. 

Hide.Me VPN-

Hide Me VPN for windows VPN are considered to be one of the best VPNs for Windows. This specifically safeguards internet connectivity by encrypting your valuable data ascertaining a safe way of surfing the web whether you are ta home, work, or the public. It also ensures digital privacy which means that you can access the internet privately while keeping the real IP hidden. It also ensures that your location is sage and no one is spying on you. 


Express VPN for Windows

Ever among the top 5 in almost any category, ExpressVPN makes this list for its superb app. The Windows VPN software is the simplest option for those who want something that just works without fuss, and it boasts the fastest average download speed of any VPN for P2P filesharing and streaming. Users can opt to use ExpressVPN’s DNS servers whenever connected by securing it in the advanced settings. ExpressVPN is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands beyond the reach of the GCHQ and NSA, and it keeps no usage logs. It’s also one of the few VPNs to work with Netflix. The major advantages of VPN are that it is one of the blazing-fast servers used for streaming and downloading and maintains a high level of security. 

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Surfshark VPN for Windows

This is a younger VPN provider that excels at unblocking region-locked content like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video from abroad. The service employs strong encryption and keeps zero logs. Torrenting is allowed, and kill switches prevent data leaks on both mobile and desktop apps. Live chat support is available around the clock. Best of all, Surfshark doesn’t put restrictions on how many devices you can connect at once, making it a great budget option for a family or group of housemates.

CyberGhost VPN-

Cyberghost VPN for Windoes

This particular VPN offers easy-to-use apps and a large network that spans more than 5,700 VPN servers in over 80 countries. CyberGhost’s premium tier stores no identifying logs and protect your data in transit with 256-bit AES military-grade encryption on the OpenVPN protocol. Live chat is available should you encounter any issues. Speeds are excellent and you can connect seven apps without any technical glitch. 


IPVanish VPN

US-based IPVanish uses OpenVPN with strong encryption and features a true zero-logs policy, meaning it records neither session nor traffic logs. It’s one of the only VPNs to sport a Tier 1 network, meaning it owns all of its servers rather than renting physical or virtual space from someone else. This enables maximum security and privacy without breaching any of your data.

 Wrapping Up 

This sums up the list of top five VPNs for Windows. Cyber-crime and breach of data and confidential information are very common nowadays and therefore it becomes necessary for people to take all safety and precautionary measures from before-hand to avoid any laggings, technical glitch, and security issues. Therefore, choose wisely when you select the VPNs. We have already mentioned the top five VPNs for Windows for you. If you have any other option, kindly mention it in our comment section below.