The Most Exciting Features of Android 11

Android 11

Recently the Android 11 DP3 (developer preview 3) features were announced. Tech giant Google will most likely begin rolling out beta versions starting next month. Here we have the best features of Android 11 that can be extremely useful to you.

Extended previews in recent applications

Google has brought more extensive previews in the recent applications screen in Android 11 DP3. The layout of the original preview is pretty much the same as the previews in Android 11, though, the proportion of the preview is much bigger. Also, the company has added two latest shortcuts in the form of screenshot and share. While the option will get a screenshot of the application that is displaying on the app screen, the share option takes the screenshot and presents the share sheet for instant sharing.

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Innovative screenshot pop-up

The company has also changed the pop-up that arises when you take a screenshot and it is now shorter and similar to what is displayed on iOS smartphones. Rather than a big pop-up at the top of the screen, the DP3 shows a shorter version of the screenshot that you receive at the end of the screen. It is followed by options to dismiss the notification and to edit it.

Updated app permissions

Google has been regularly working to fix the app support in the last few versions of Android and that effort is continuing with Android 11 strongly. The tech giant has added a distinct option in Android 11 DP3 that will remove an app’s permission if the application is not managed for several months.

Latest Ethernet options

Android 11 developer preview 3 also brings a brand-new option to the hotspot and internet menu which will be like Ethernet tethering. This will actually support people to join a USB-to-Ethernet adapter to their smartphones and then attach the LAN cable to that adapter and their computer to use the Internet from their device.