Unlock PDF: A Short Guide on Removing PDF Password Through PDFBear

Removing PDF Password

A Portable Document Format or PDF file has given essential benefits to millions of people worldwide. A PDF format’s unique features made it easier for people to reproduce files through the internet and various devices in seconds. Indeed, one of the significant advantages of using a PDF file is its capability to encode a password for any file that you will upload or save.

Moreover, encoding a password will certainly keep your data’s privacy and so that only the authorized individuals can access your files. However, some people may have a lesser capability to remember their password, which can be quite a hassle. This is why PDFBear has purposefully created the Unlock PDF tool for you. 

With this tool, you can quickly open a locked file after a few clicks. Now, get this chance to guide your way into this incredible tool that comes with a handful of benefits.

How to Use the Unlock PDF tool

More often than not, average PDF users will have a hard time finding the option to unlock password protected PDF files successfully, or worse; they do not find it at all. This is technically the reason why PDFBear created this password decoder tool known as the Unlock PDF. It enables you to quickly decode the password of a PDF file without looking for many options.

This tool has the easiest and quickest procedure, which is visible on the webpage. Learn these straightforward steps in unlocking a PDF.

  • Select a PDF file that you want to unlock. When you reach their website, either you use the “drag and drop” feature or manually browse through your documents and upload the PDF file into their server by clicking the “Choose Files” tab.
  • You will enter the password of the PDF file, then unlock the file. After uploading the file successfully, you will then have to enter its password. Afterward, simply click “Unlock PDF” to start unlocking the file. This process is surprisingly fast that it only takes a few seconds to finish, so you won’t have to wait longer.
  • Download the file immediately. As soon as the decryption process stops, it means your PDF is a password-free file. Finally, you can now freely download your fully-unlocked file and save it to your computer or other devices.

Protected PDF Unlocking

The PDFBear and its Unlock PDF tool ensure a safe and secured environment where the decryption process is done, so then, nothing is to worry about the confidentiality of your file. On top of that, PDFBear’s password-removal service for PDFs will protect your files and your device from malware and virus infection.

Always done in the Cloud

Regardless of your location, you can always access this free password-removal service by PDFBear. With PDFBear, removing the password from any locked PDF file should never be a worry. Since it is a web-based software that adopts superior cloud technology, you only have to have a stable internet connection and a device to open their website.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

PDFBear can be on any device and platform! It can be on a Windows-based, Linux-based, or even on a Mac system. This website is highly compatible with any operating system you may have in your office, school, or home. Either way, PDFBear solely works to give you the best end-product.


It is sporadic to find a secure PDF website with excellent features and free services at the same time. It only makes sense that these websites are for the betterment of managing PDF files and not to complicate things further. Thanks to PDFBear, dealing with PDF files has never been this convenient.