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VingaJoy Launches WC-1007 Wireless Charger for Qi-enabled Devices for Rs. 999

Press Release

Homegrown mobile accessories brand, VingaJoy has launched a wireless charger “WC-1007” for Qi enabled smartphones at a price of Rs. 999. The wireless charger works with any mobile phone that supports QI wireless charging.

The newly launched wireless charging pad gives a continuous output of 1.0 amp and comes with a USB input slot for charging. This extremely compact wireless charger weighs just 40gms and the charging base connects the power supply and the mobile phone matches the receiving shell. The wireless charger sports an anti-slippery pad to keep your device safe with a firm grip.

The wireless charger works with any mobile phone that supports QI wireless charging. 

Speaking on the launch MandeepArora, Co-founder, Vingajoy said, The product does justice to those who want to ditch the wires for everyday usage. This product is for the people, who are still using USB cables every time to charge their devices, now they can just keep their phones on the charger and let it charge without any worry of overcharging.”

Design-wise the wireless charger is sleek and attractive, and fits perfectly on a desk, end table or nightstand. For notifications, it has LED indicators which notify when the charger is ready to charge and also notifies the user about the full charge of the device.

Debarati Dasgupta

Debarati Dasgupta

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