Why OTT IS Future of Social Distancing


OTT stands for over-the-top access. Basically it means that the device goes over a setup box to give access to TV content. In OTT, the TV channels program’s content online on mobiles, tabs, and laptops with access to the internet connection rather than through an old system of cables or broadcasting providers. OTT is totally different as it has video content and some relevant advertisements. OTT delivers a video’s content practically including some drama, moral, true life-based stories.

We have access to OTT at any place without any cable. One can access applications like Amazon Prime, Zee, and several other portals to watch unlimited movies or shows. Users can also avail Zee5 coupons to avail unlimited streaming under a low budget.


  • Videos: The content of videos showcases some dramatical, fantasies, romance, thrilling, action, morals, etc. The shows available are sometimes presented as episodes that present the stories in segments to keep the viewers engaged.
  • OTT Content: The OTT content can be streamed on various devices simultaneously like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices.
  • OTT Devices: Here’s a piece of good news! To stream OTT content we do not need a bundle of messy cables and set up boxes to startup the entertainment pack. All we need is just good internet access and a device like a mobile, laptop, or tablet.

OTT can be defined by the various partners of advertising and online streamings. Some OTT platforms include (AMAZON PRIME and ZEE5) that provide a monthly or yearly membership wherein a user has access to unlimited movies or shows.

Now, the whole world is facing the problem of Covid-19 in which people are bound to not go out and are stuck in their homes. Cinema halls are shut, party places are closed. But worry not! OTT has our back. We can watch the latest movies and shows whenever we wish to.


  • OVER THE TOP VIDEO VIEWERS: The OTT trend has attracted many people who like to watch series, shows, and movies using some apps and websites like AMAZON PRIME, ZEE5, NETFLIX YOUTUBE. These apps and websites provide the streaming content and bycOTT the cables and wires of TVs.
  • CONNECTED TV USERS: Users who use TV set that has good internet connectivity like (SMART TVS and APPLE TV) can watch latest documentaries, movies, web series, and shows by either casting videos from their phones or directly playing them on the smart TVs.
  • LINEAR OTT VIDEOS SERVICE USERS: Users who have the subscription to a service or have membership like an AMAZON PRIME and ZEE can stream unlimited trendy videos, movies, and other shows.


  • Amazon Videos coupons, Zee5 subscription coupons, and such other deals help its users to subscribe to their apps at a lower price.


  • Over the top (OTT) is the fastest-growing advertisement segment in the country. It is a digital video streaming platform whose growth graph has been going up ever since. The people have now started inclining more toward OTT than to old TV setup boxes and cables.
  • As we all get rid of the traditional cables and set up boxes (STB), over-the-top videos are best to keep us entertained. No crowd for a new movie in cinema halls as we can now watch the movies on various OTT platforms like Amazon Prime and Zee5.
  • All we need is to subscribe to the platform for unlimited streaming. Let’s take some power in our hands and be the master.
  • As people nowadays watch a lot of content on their mobile and other devices. Content consumption has increased in smaller cities because of the network affordability of mobile data.

CONCLUSION: The over the top (OTT) is the biggest platform of many other streaming applications including Amazon Prime, Zee5, Netflix, Hotstar, etc. It is the best solution to entertain oneself in this era of social distancing. It offers unlimited streaming of trending movies, web series, TV shows, latest news, and what not! It also provides promos and offers to its old and new subscribers to help them entertain while keeping their wallets happy and healthy!