The Top Wireless Charging Phones

Wireless charging Phones

The Top Wireless Charging Phones

Wireless charging as technology has gained tremendous popularity over the last year or so. From lugging around heavy wires to moving to the era of fast, dash and quick charging, tech has finally come to entirely do away with wires, and finally ‘untangle’ life.

Here are some of the top phones that support wireless charging –

The Samsung Galaxy S10 series launched earlier this year in March. The entire Galaxy S10 series can be charged with a wireless charger. The series comes equipped with a charging pad in its body so that you can use it for wirelessly sharing battery power with another smart device in urgent situations. The charger helps you charge the battery of your phone with the help of a wireless charger that you need to buy separately. The chargers are easily available at Samsung stores. The phone also features fast wireless charging 2.0 that supports 12 W wireless chargers. The device has a cooling fan that reduces heat for faster, safer charging.

Apple iPhone 8 and the X series

Apple finally jumped on the wireless charging bandwagon, beginning with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, and then further adding it to iPhone XS and iPhone XR as well. Wireless chargers for the iPhone usually come in two variants – stands and pads. A pad is good to keep on your bedside table. A stand is quite useful for users who have the iPhone X as its steep angle will point your phone and your face enough for the Face ID to work accurately.

LG V30 Thinq

While LG doesn’t offer fast wireless charging, yet, it still has the support. The phone supports wireless charging seamlessly and gets charged 50% in 30 minutes. There are multiple charging pad options available for the phone, and all you have to do is place it at the centre of the charging pad to watch it weave its powerful magic.

Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL

The Pixel 3 and 3 XL are the first devices of the series to support wireless charging, and there is plenty of great charging stands to choose from. Google’s own Pixel Stand is specialized for the new Pixels, though most other chargers are limited to 5W Qi charging with the Pixel 3. There is a charger made especially for the Pixel 3 series. The Pixel Stand delivers fast charging speeds and turns your phone into a showcase for Google Photos.

huawei p30 pro

The Huawei P30 Pro comes with a Li-Polymer battery that has a capacity of 4,200mAh and supports a fast-charging technology that would refill the battery in a short time. The company offers a wireless charging case that supports 10W wireless quick charging. It carries a TÜV Rheinland safety certification and QI certification to ensure a faster and safer wireless refueling process. The case also has a built-in permeable magnetic material that enables your phone to be easily held by the phone holder in your car.