Is YouTube Not Functioning Properly? Here’s Something You Can Do.

Is YouTube Not Working Properly? Here’s Something You Can Do.

YouTube is the largest online video watching platform in the world with an average of 1.5 Billion user-login every month. But, YouTube is not limited to entertainment videos. Rather, YouTube today is used as a medium of education, music player, movie screen, news streaming, and entertainment. So, what should be done when YouTube not working properly?

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Google is completely dedicated to keeping YouTube up and running at all times but there are chances when the service goes down. Now, sometimes the problem is from the end of the platform but sometimes the problem occurs from the user’s side. Now, the best way to find out – go to Twitter and look if there is any statement from the @TeamYouTube but, if the problem is from the user’s side, these steps will help you in solving the problem.

Step 1: Restart your device

Restart your device

As the first step to any problem, even here you need to restart the device and check if the problem is resolved. But, before restarting the device, make sure you close apps running in the background.

Once the device is back online, you just need to try playing a YouTube video to confirm if the problem is solved.

Step 2: Check Internet Connection

Check Internet Connection

Another reason for YouTube not working properly can be due to fluctuating internet connection. YouTube is a video watching platform that needs consistent internet to function smoothly and keep the video running. If the first step does not work, you must check the internet connection or Wi-Fi settings and try using it again.

Step 3: Update Operating System

Update Operating System

There is the slightest chance that if YouTube is not working properly, it is because of an outdated version of Android. To perform the activity, you must

  • Open the Settings menu of your device
  • Find and Tap on System Updates in the About Phone folder
  • At last, download and update the system.
  • Once you are done with these steps, you must try to reuse the platform one more time.

Step 4: Update YouTube App

Update YouTube App

To make use of the YouTube application properly, it is important to keep the application up to date. With the latest version, you get benefits from the latest features and bug fixes.

  • To do so, you need to open the Play Store and tap on My Apps and Games.
  • Once done, you will notice the Updates tab.
  • Any applications that need updates will be in the Updates pending section.
  • If you see YouTube, tap on the Update button next to the application.

Step 5: Clear YouTube Cache & Data

Clear YouTube Cache & DataWhen you use the YouTube app for a while, a large amount of cache and data might have built up and maybe causing this issue.

  • To fix this problem, you must go to the Settings option on your device.
  • Now, look for Apps and search for YouTube in it.
  • After that, go to the Storage option and tap on Clear Cache to fix the problem. Now, tap on the Clear data option.

With the above-listed steps, your YouTube will be back and running smoothly once again. In case, the problem still continues, you can always as for further help.

Let’s assume that the application is back online and the problem of YouTube, not Working Properly is solved, you can try some extensions that will allow you to clip videos, search text within videos, add notes to video, and more.