Apple Airpods: A Meme Dream

Let’s be real: electronics are getting boring. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that the latest tech isn’t cool and all, it’s just that nobody is losing their minds over the newest incremental Android update or the addition of yet another camera to the back of your iPhone. You know what people are REALLY losing their mind over? Overpriced headphones.

Some Sort of Peasant Joke

Apple’s AirPods were met with extremely mixed reactions upon launch. While some hailed them as the next big leap towards wireless technology, others, mourning the death of the beloved 3.5mm headphone jack (RIP), looked at them as regular headphones with the wires cut off for a hundred dollars extra. It wasn’t just the product and its price, however, that made them a meme: it was the people.

The sleek form factor enabled users to wear AirPods during their daily routine in a rather incognito way, much to the frustration of those unaware, who thought they were being rudely ignored. Beyond that, the high price point led them to be a sort of a status symbol. Spending hundreds of dollars on a little white box that looks like dental floss for toothbrush-head sized headphones that are really easy to drop or lose became a way to flex on the internet. And thus, AirPods and the supremacy culture around it became an assumed method to label a d-bag from a mile away.

The internet is a marvelous place: once you’re on it, you live forever. With the announcement of the successor to the AirPods, we thought it might be fun to throwback to December 2018 while scouring Reddit and 4chan. Oh no, not for the drama. We’re just here for the memes.

Airpods Meme

“Hey Siri, play Mozart instead.”



Can't Afford Airpds

“Lol haha you don’t like Airpods cause you can’t afford them lol haha”

Orab B vs Apple Airpds

Does an Apple a day keep your dentist away too?


Budget Pods



Airpods in titanic

How Titanic REALLY should’ve ended


Airpods resemblance

The Resemblance. Is. Uncanny





Airpods Meme

#Broke but #Woke


Tech Meme

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