Best tech companions for solo travellers

Apps for solo travel

Helpful Apps for Solo Travellers

St. Augustine said that ‘The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page’. And a person who loves travelling understands the importance of these words. It gives a different kind of thrill to unveil an unexplored world and understand new cultures, meeting people, eating local food, and exploring exotic destinations.

Nowadays smartphones are making travelling much more convenient. Gone are the days when travelling to new places meant an immediate dread of being surrounded by strangers talking in an unknown language. The growth of various apps has made travelling quite convenient, even for a solo traveller.

Start with your budget

One of the most difficult tasks is to set a budget for your trip. This holds true especially for solo travelling as there is no one to share the cost of travel. But now apps like Mint help come in handy to save you a few bucks. These are also easily available on the Google Play Store. While Mint organizes your spending into categories and links your bank account to your spends, another app called Wallet provides help in budgeting, tracking finance, and also syncing your bank for online payments.

Smart Packing

Even frequent solo travellers forget to pack small things at the last minute. Here, apps like Travel List help remind them of things to keep, like your ID, phone charger, credit/debit cards, bathing kit, etc. The app provides calendar features and reminders for last minute packing, to ensure that you pack everything for a comfortable trip.

Book a place

One of the most important things in solo travelling is to ensure that the place you are staying is safe. Apps like Oyo and Trivago help the solo travellers to overcome those worries. By providing a plethora of options that fit your budget and other travel requirements (close to the market, ATM, free breakfast, pool), these apps can be life savers!

Plan the trip

We can choose a place and do our basic homework before we embark on our journey,  but there are so many things and places that even articles on the Internet may miss out. Here, Google Maps come to the rescue. All you need to do is check nearby places in the map once you reach your destination. The app will automatically highlight many other places and open the doors to a variety of hidden adventures awaiting you.

Find a partner

Travelling solo doesn’t mean you have to travel alone. You can always find individuals of similar interests with the help of certain apps. The SoloTraveller app helps you find individuals for transportation sharing, sightseeing tours or just sharing a meal in restaurant meetups. And if you want to know the locals of that area, then apps like Meetup help you find an activity of your interest, where you will also find like-minded people.

Make commutes easy

There are some places where the trains and flights are yet to arrive. In such situations, you need local transport and taxi services. Apps like Ola and Uber are the must-have apps which help you find a ride even during wee hours. In fact, Ola gives you a rental facility, where you can book a cab to go to another city if there is no train or air connectivity.

Social networking helps

If you are planning to travel to a new area, it’s always good to make friends before you get there. And what better medium to do that than social media. Look up groups on social media and find locals who will assist you in getting around that place.

Know the language

While travelling, it helps to understand the local language. In case you are going to another country or state where you would not be able to understand their local language, you should have apps which help you find meanings of basic sentences. Apps like Google Translate are excellent resources to help you overcome the language barrier and enjoy your trip!