Everything You Need to Know about Mobile Proxies

Mobile Proxies

For online security, there is a growing concern for both business and personal activities. Hackers will do anything to get your valuable data. Consequently, online users have discovered new ways to protect themselves with mobile proxies.

About Mobile Proxies 

In simple terms, the word proxy means substitute. A mobile proxy makes use of its IP address instead of your device’s IP address. It functions as the middleman.

 All online requests you make have to pass through the proxy; there isn’t any direct interaction between you and other online users.

The primary purpose of the proxy is to provide users with online privacy and security, but there are more benefits that we’ll look at later in the article. 

How Mobile Proxies Work

Mobile Proxies

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Mobile proxies conceal your IP address by using their IP address instead when interacting with other devices online. They give you online anonymity and greatly reduce the chances of hackers detecting your online activities. Mobile proxies go online primarily through 4G or 3G cellular towers.

Key Features of a Good Mobile Proxy

  • IP Address Rotation

Each time requests are made, your proxy’s back-connect remains unchanged while masking IP changes each time. 

  • Mobile ISP

Both residential and mobile proxies are utilized by residential proxy providers. However, mobile proxies use mobile data provided by internet service providers while residential proxies primarily use WiFi.

  • Bandwidth Price

Mobile proxies present users with a big network. This means that with high data usage, you can expect your costs to go up.

Different Types of Mobile Proxies

There are many types of mobile proxies that can be used online for protection against cybercriminals. Users with sensitive data need mobile proxies that provide them with more security than other users protecting less sensitive information. 

Below, we sample several proxies and the benefits associated with their use.

1. SSL Proxies

They have proved to be the most secure mobile phone proxies, and users can rely on them for total security. When using an SSL proxy, communication and requests between users are encrypted, masking your IP address. This keeps out hackers and anyone else trying to trace your activity or steal your private information.

Benefits of SSL Proxies

  • Enables you to detect threats and protect yourself through advanced services.
  • Usage of ciphers and advanced protocol by the server and client
  • Threats in SSL traffic are highly visible
  • There is control over what needs to be decrypted

2. 4G Proxy

This is commonly known as a mobile proxy. Mobile proxy providers hire them from mobile phone operators that give 4G IP addresses. They’re for accessing the internet via mobile phones or any other 4G enabled device.

Proxy providers will, in most cases, give you a data center IP address. This increases the likelihood of being recognized as a proxy and being suspended or banned from big sites like Amazon and Instagram. The good thing with 4G proxies is that they’re rarely scrutinized by the big sites, so drastic consequences are rare.

3. Anonymous Proxies

They provide users with total online masking. Online privacy and security are highly guaranteed in this case.

4. Transparent Proxy

This proxy has no security benefits to users. With their use, websites easily detect the use of a proxy–a good reason to block you.

5. Dedicated Proxies

They are recommended for single users. Each address is assigned to one user which prevents IP address over-usage.

6. Public Proxies

They are not secured and not recommended at all. Hackers target and steal sensitive data from unsuspecting users. Avoid public proxies.

Benefits Associated with the Use of Mobile Proxies

Users can enjoy the following benefits from the use of mobile proxies:

  • Comparing prices

Sellers or businesses show different commodity prices in different locations and with the use of a mobile proxy, you can find the original price.

  • Information access

Any form of censorship or ban can be easily bypassed when a mobile proxy is utilized.

  • Advertisement verification

Advertisement companies can be nagging with their intrusive commercials. Mobile proxies enable you to conceal your location and identity, keeping the advert companies at bay.

  • Security and privacy

Mobile proxies prevent your much-valued data from landing in the hands of the wrong people. Always remember that your private or sensitive information may be of great use to hackers, whistleblowers, and people with bad intentions, ready to cause damage or financial loss.

  • No online traces

Cookies leave traces for online activities. Hackers will use them to gain the information you accessed recently. Mobile proxies receive the cache without forwarding it.

  • Improved connection speed

Due to the storage of cached files, search speed is increased. However, a lot of caches may reduce your phone’s performance. 

  • Data scraping

Businesses use their rival’s data to evaluate performance. To avoid detection, a mobile proxy may be your only way out.

Reasons why a Mobile Proxy is Good for your Social Media Activities

Logging into many accounts from a single IP address may appear suspicious and may result in the closure of your account. Mobile proxies offer the perfect solution for such challenges. They can be used to log in to different accounts provided your country code remains unchanged.

Are Free Proxies any Good?

As with any free thing, security is greatly compromised. Free proxies, in most cases, come with malware and activated ads that make you vulnerable to hack attacks and cybercriminals. For your online security, we recommend the use of mobile proxies over free proxies.

Cost-Effectiveness of Mobile Proxies

Cost is greatly determined by bandwidth utilization and the amount of data transferred. For commercial or large scale use, such as data scraping, the mobile proxies may be cost-effective. Otherwise, for smaller-scale use, they may not be worth the cost.


As mentioned above in “Benefits Associated with the use of Mobile Proxies,” the use of a mobile proxy can be of extreme value for users. Protecting our online presence and data is something that all of us need to prioritize.