Green Tower: A new, green initiative might take the telecom sector by storm

Green Towers

Green Tower: An Initiative to Change Energy Consumption in the Telecom Industry

A new technological advancement that promises to transform our energy consumption habits is gradually coming to the fore. This technology will not only make our communication networks strong but also play an important role in preserving the environment by reducing electricity consumption on a large scale.

This is the Green Tower that combines Panasonic Lithium-ion Batteries and solar modules with site-management software for providing an efficient way for mobile operators and tower companies to measure, monitor and maintain energy infrastructure.

Panasonic and Ericson have partnered to provide a smoother transition to 5G for mobile network operators. The technology will supposedly develop a more cost-effective way to generate and manage the energy needed to power a faster network, while still maintaining compatibility for their software and users.

Green Towers

Why Do We Need Green Towers?

As a community that is developing and evolving at a rapid rate, we are also continuously making advancements in the field of technology. While it is profitable for our economies, it is also damaging our environment. The power or electricity required to generate frequencies for clear communications is massive. We consume a lot of electric energy in the daily gadgets that we use. In such times, it is a great deal if we could strengthen communication signals through energy which is also renewable.

Moreover, in a recent study conducted by the European Union, there has been a dramatic growth in energy use by the telecom industry. They also assume that by the year 2030, this sector would be responsible for over 50% of the global power usage. So, to neglect such damage to our environment and to ensure that we advance in the technology industry with the correct perspective, Green Towers can be one of the better options.

Integrating with Future Technology

According to Bradley Mead, Head of Network Managed Services at Ericson, “Panasonic Green tower will reduce the total cost of ownership for energy equipment by up to 40%, primarily driven by longer battery life and fewer maintenance site visits. This advanced technology is a good example of how circular economy reduces environmental impacts through longer product life, replacement of lead in batteries and reduced need for transport”.

Other than Ericson and Motorola, there are several other companies that are initiating their step into exploring advanced energy solutions as a viable option for expanding their network capacity.

Element for Power Saving

The technology would work on Lithium-ion batteries that came into significance in the 1990s. It is being embraced because the cells are non-toxic and have the ability to perform useful work while providing cost and energy efficient solutions. Another profit of this technology is the lifespan of lithium-ion batteries which is 10 years and has a comparatively lower total cost of ownership than lead.

If we talk about a technology that is priced low and can provide optimum benefits, the Green Towers can be a drastic game changer for the telecom sector.