How to Build a Website on Your Mobile Phone

How to Build a Website on Your Mobile Phone

Ever thought of making a website to follow your dreams? In this digital world, everybody dreams to build a website on which they can connect to the world. From sharing your passion, like dance to developing your business, the website plays a major role.

Digitalization doesn’t mean everyone has to be on their laptops or computers, and thus several website building tools are supported on the cell phones too. So, you can now create your website from anywhere with just the help of your phone and creativity. In this article, we will be discussing the best website building tools which are now also available on mobile phones.

Four of the Best Mediums to Build a Website on Your Phone:


WordPress is on zenith when it comes to online websites. It is the cheapest way to make a website. Also, it is mobile responsive and comprises a mobile editor. WordPress for androids gives the power of web publishing in your pocket. A platform that will surely gratify you by focusing on the industry on which the website is based. It gives you the freedom to build whatever you want to by providing powerful features. It has customizable designs that will surely lead your site towards splendid success by professional designs and fonts.

It is also easily accessible and can be used comfortably. It is so easy that, if you have ever worked on Microsoft word then it will be a familiar tool to create your website. Hundreds of volunteers from all over the world are continuously focusing on improving its working and to make it the best. You can also import or export the blogs to any other platform to or from WordPress, thus not disappearing of contents from WordPress while editing a blog.


Wix is another interesting website creating tool. Its mobile app gives you the freedom to create a free website by choosing a stunning template and customize anything without wanting special skills in the individual. Whether you want to promote some business activities, show your work or skills, create a blog, or open a store, it gives you complete freedom to perform it using the Wix mobile editor. You can accept online bookings and also add your online store.

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Supported by many as the world’s most innovative website builder, whether or not you are professional in building a website, you can work on it with ease. It has the power to build a strong trust relationship between you and your customer. Also, it can be optimized easily and thus your site looks creative on every screen through optimization.


Many of you must have heard about this website builder before but very few of you would know that it has an app for mobiles too. It is a new edition in Weebly which offers free service to its 50 million customers. With its mobile editor, you can design your professional logo and build your brand online. It offers a variety of templates and color schemes for its customers to enhance their user experience. It is one of the most user-friendly mobile editor offering pre-designed layouts and eCommerce options available. Features like autosaving and options for customizing mobile sites makes it unique in every aspect.


It is one of the best in the business of website builders. Godaddy offers you a free trial to test and create a website. Free tools for designers and developers are also available. It focuses on creating a memorable presence. Godaddy’s website builder suggests various automated templates by just typing your idea into the feed. The only thing you need to do is to add images or type in the text according to your preferences to make it more attractive. Multiple changes relating to appearance can be made to your website to each section and every page in the easiest way and can also have the previews.

Final words-

There are many website builders and mediums out there to build a website, but these four mediums can definitely make you a good website if you are looking to build a website from your mobile phones. Go for their trial versions first before investing any money and check if they are the desired ones that you are comfortable making your website with and then choose the one which offers everything you are looking for and falls under your budget.