How to Hack Someone’s Phone Step-by-Step Guide with Screenshots

“Is it even possible to hack someone’s phone?”, this is a universal question asked by almost everyone. At times you may find yourself wanting to hack a person’s device in all ways achievable.

For instance, caring parents want to watch over their kid’s phone to protect them from online predators. Besides, diligent employers want to track their employee’s every time they are at work. Others want to monitor their spouse’s devices to find out if they are cheating.

If you fit in scenarios like the ones mentioned above, you are in the right place. Here, we’ll look at how to hack someone’s phone step-by-step guide with screenshots using ClickFree:

Part 1: How to Hack Someone’s Phone with No Skills

Contrary to widespread presumption, hacking a smartphone or tablet doesn’t need special skills, as you might expect. Even with no programming knowledge or experience, it’s still effortless to hack somebody’s cell phone.

All you require is a phone hacker app that gives you full access to a person’s phone remotely and discreetly. We present the ClickFree spy application since it’s easy-to-use, and anyone can utilize its capabilities.

ClickFree: The Best Phone Hacking Software

ClickFree is the most populous monitoring software in the phone spy space. It incorporates the latest innovations, dependable elements, and risk-free functions in the right magnitude. No wonder millions of customers in over 190 countries use it daily.

The reputable brand has been reviewed favorably in big media companies like CNET, Top 10 Reviews, and iGeeksBlog. It’s recognized globally for its authenticity, simplicity, and provision of real-time results.

ClickFree is compatible with both iOS and Android OS. It’s entirely web-based and operates flawlessly with all web browsers. You can access your online account from any corner of the world. All you need is to be online and have a valid email ID and a phone or PC.

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For iOS hacking, ClickFree doesn’t ask you to jailbreak the targeted device because it uses the iCloud feature. It automatically syncs all results remotely, and no download or installation of an app is needed. You only need the victim’s login details to get started.   

In Android, there’s no rooting of the target’s gadget. However, one-time physical access to the person’s phone to download and install the ClickFree 2MB app is mandatory. The app’s installation is quick, consuming less than 5 minutes.

As installation completes, ensure that stealth mode operation is activated to remove the app icon from the victim’s phone menu. ClickFree uses cutting-edge tech to work silently in the background and without much battery drain.

Once you have everything set and running, the rest is achievable remotely. You can even uninstall the app from your online control panel. All it takes is a single click of a button, and the app vanishes.    

Your privacy is ClickFree’s primary objective. The app highly respects your solitude and values your data protection. It has high-security properties to ensure your/target’s information is safe. No data is accessed or stored on ClickFree servers.

Now, let’s check out the few easy to follow steps on how to hack into someone’s phone using ClickFree.

Part 2: How to Use ClickFree to Hack Someone’s Device

Steps to Begin Hacking Somebody’s Cell Phone without Experience

Step 1: Register for a ClickFree online account with your email address as the username.


Step 2: Select the victim’s device operating system then advance to make payment for a subscription plan.

Step 3: You will receive a receipt, log in details and setup instructions

a.)   In iOS, verify your target’s iCloud credentials and wait for it to synchronize


b.)   For Android, download the ClickFree app using the sent link. Install it and remember to turn on stealth mode to hide the app icon and stay unsuspected.


Step 4: To complete installation, click on the “start” button. You will be taken to your online dashboard and view the victim’s device summary.


Here you can access and use any of ClickFree’s unique features. They are all on the left-side menu of your screen for easy access.

Part 3: What Can I Achieve when Hacking a Phone with ClickFree

Here’s what ClickFree application can help you do:

Go Through Call Logs

You can use the call monitor to find out all the incoming and outgoing calls made by the user. It shows you a list of recent callers, caller ID, time, etc. Also, you can choose to record the calls for proof if you want to.

Monitor Social Media Apps

ClickFree helps you to keep a continual vigil on the user’s social media chats. The solution comes with dedicated modules for Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, Instagram, Telegram, etc.

Capture Keypresses

The Keylogger feature helps to keep track of all keystrokes made on the target’s device. It does so by recording every keypress then updates them to your dashboard according to the apps. 

View Browser History

This feature is mostly used by concerned parents who want to examine what their children do online. ClickFree allows you to see all visited websites, and you can even restrict access to any unwanted sites.

Part 4: Why is ClickFree The Best Phone Hacking App

  • Quick Setup: Getting started with ClickFree is fast and straightforward. You can begin monitoring your target in about 5 minutes.
  • No Device Alteration: With ClickFree, there’s no root for Android phones and no jailbreak for iOS devices. You hack a phone without damaging its security.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Being full web-based, ClickFree can be accessed remotely from any internet browser.
  • Stealth Mode Operation: ClickFree for iOS uses the iCloud back up feature to run discreetly. In Android gadgets, it has a tiny, lightweight app that operates in the background and doesn’t show notifications.
  • Safe and Secure: ClickFree is a trustworthy app that one can rely on for any hacking needs. It doesn’t access/store your info.


ClickFree is among the few reliable apps that will help you hack someone’s phone without experience. You don’t need to have any coding skills to hack a phone with the ClickFree app. It uses stealth mode, so you can’t be detected.