Leaked Images of Apple Cases May Have New Details About iPhone 11

Leaked Images of Apple Cases May Have New Details About iPhone 11

Leaked Images

Following umpteen rumours about the iPhone XI models following the iPad Pros and drop Lightning in favour of a USB-C connector, renders of Olixar cases have emerged online that may state otherwise, according to MobileFunwho posted those images.

The leaked images show that the case has only a small hole at the bottom, not big enough to fit the larger USB-C plug. Apple’s 2019 iPad models also use Lightning, so maybe the company isn’t ready to make the switch as of now.

But what stole the limelight in this leak was the prominent feature on the leaked images of a case of a square cut-out for the camera hump. Spoiler alert, it looks really bad. If you are among those who were hoping that the rumours about a square camera weren’t true, well, you may be as disappointed as we are right now.

According to the leaked images, Olixarhas also made a tempered glass protector for the camera, which fits over the camera hump. It also features four holes – possibly meaning that three are for the cameras and one is for the flash. A tempered glass protector for the screen shows the front notch design hasn’t undergone any transformation.

Olixar has chosen to call this the ‘iPhone 11R’, while the premium models are called ‘iPhone 11’ and ‘iPhone 11 Max’.

Apple has been facing quite the sales slump lately, with a report stating that the company shipped between 37 million and 42 million iPhones, which was less than Wall Street predictions of between 40 million and 50 million. The reason for the dip in iPhone sales has largely been attributed to the decline in demand for the newer versions of the phone, particularly the iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max, all of which are the third current-generation smartphones. The sales of these phones have fallen behind the company’s expectations.

Let’s hope the new device revives the company’s fortunes this year.