LG V60 is a great choice for watching your favorite shows on Amazon and Netflix

LG V60

The upcoming smartphone LG V60 is an exciting flagship device that’s distinct from the crowd for one reason: it’s got two displays. Technically the other one comes inside the Dual Screen case, but considering the associate comes free with all V60, it’s part of the event – and transforms the device into one of the best media-watching smartphones in the market. There are a lot of people who love to watch entire seasons of shows on Amazon and Netflix while cooking dinner, or relaxing on the roof.

Sometimes watching web series or movies on smartphones can be an irritating experience because either you deal with leaning over while your device is lying flat on a surface, or clumsily prop it up to stand at an angle.

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Gratitude to ever-thinner smartphone bodies and sleek glass backs, smartphones effortlessly slip off their rested positions and could be in jeopardy of falling, or something more serious. This is the reason the upcoming LG V60 is the best smartphone for the job. And it’s also more than just a dual-display device.

The smartphone’s audio equipment is a step ahead of most devices. The impressive 3.5mm jack and the 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC, give movie lovers more options than various flagships. Also, the speakers are really good to watch movies and web series without using headphones.

The device’s FHD+display isn’t really as sharp as the WQHD+ display on the latest Samsung Galaxy S-series, but that doesn’t matter – the large majority of the movies or TV shows you’ll be streaming on Amazon, Netflix, Hotstar or elsewhere don’t overdo this resolution. With a display of 6.8 inch, the device’s screen is impressive enough to stream your favorite shows without missing your tablet.

The smartphone by LG seems to be promising; it’s a competent smartphone that can pretty much manage what you ask of it. Things like gaming or streaming online shows are no problem, and you can watch lots of episodes in with this smartphone which has a 5,000mAh battery.