Mobile technology: Solving the complications of life


National Technology Day!

On 11th of May 1998, India has done Pokhran nuclear test named Shakti. It was one of the biggest achievements of India, as far as technology is concerned. Since then, Indians observed National Technology Day every year on the same day, to memorize the nuclear test.
After 21 years, India has developed a lot as far as technology is concerned. Especially mobile technology has evolved like anything. From a kid to an elderly person, everyone is using Android phones to get in touch with this technology. It is something which everyone wants to learn.

New age teacher

78-year-old Aparna Saha, the resident of Gurgaon, uses her Android phone to watch knitting and other crafting videos on YouTube and learn new ways of crafts. She has learned to make handbags and quilling by watching videos. She says, “When my son gifted me an iPad, I thought, it’s a wastage of money. But later I learned to use YouTube and it gave immense scope to learn new things. The good part is, you can see as many times as you want to learn the art and if you don’t understand it from one video, there are many others, which explain the things in a simple manner.”

New assistant

Ritu Saxena recently learned how to use Google Assistant. She says, “I didn’t know that we can ask anything to Google by simply just asking him. It made my life very convenient. Now while driving, I just instruct my google assistant to call someone or to make to do list or to set an alarm. This way I don’t need to invest special time to type the things. Technology has made life much easier.”
The plus of mobile technologies

Safety check: The environment for girls are not very much safe these days. But there are so many apps launched which can provide help to girls in trouble. Also one can share live location with the family members so that they can see where exactly is the person and can reach to her in need. Apps like a circle of 6, I’m Shakti App, Nirbhaya: Be Fearless App are few, which are very helpful.

Find your way: Google maps have not only made life easier for those who can’t remember roads, but it has also given liberty to you to go to the strange or new places without any hesitation. Google maps also help you to find restaurants, medical emergencies, and petrol pumps near you.

Cab a call away: Gone are the days when you had to bargain with the autowallah to reach somewhere if you don’t have your own vehicle. Even the taxi used to charge a lot, so they used to be out of the league for the middle class and even upper-middle-class people. But now thanks to services like Ola and Uber you not only book cabs to reach destinations but sharing cab, autos and now even bikes, which can take you in reasonable rates. These services have made life convenient for many.

Be in touch: Earlier it would be a little difficult to track every school activity of your child. But now thanks to apps like Whatsapp, schools have started created groups where you would know about everything which is happening at your kid’s class. Also, you can talk to the teacher anytime to know the progress of your child.

Learning apps: The new technology has also made learning easier than before. Now students can learn difficult topics like mathematics, science or any other subjects in learning apps. BYJU’S is one of the favourite apps of the students.
India and Indians are adopting new technologies every day which eventually help the country to grow.