PUBG Mobile Servers Are Down. Is There an Update in the Offing?

PUBG Mobile Servers Are Down. Is There an Update in the Offing?

It seems like Tencent has already begun the process of updating PUBG Mobile for Android and iOS platforms. Just a few hours ago, on June 11, the PUBG Mobile servers went down to launch the 0.13.0 patch, which will possibly bring some great changes to the popular game.

As of June 11, early morning, scheduled maintenance has been confirmed for iOS and Android platforms. Until the maintenance is finished, PUBG Mobile will not be playable. As stated by Tencent in a statement, “the PUBG Mobile update that will be followed by this PUBG server downtime is going to be big.” Even PUBG Mobile’s support team has confirmed that gamers will require a huge amount of free space for the 0.13.0 patch to be installed, close to 2 GB on Android and 245 GB on iOS so that it can run smoothly on devices.

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The update is expected to be available starting 12th June 2019, and if users update before 19th June, they will get Outfit Box III (7d) and 1,888 BP. The new patch of PUBG Mobile Update will also go live gradually across the world, so some users will have to wait a bit longer before servers are back up again to offer them the new version. However, users across the world should be able to install the patch and play the game by the end of June 12.

According to recent testing, a new deathmatch mode is going to be the biggest addition to PUBG Mobile update. Following this, the Vikendi maps are going to be next in line to receive some significant changes. Here, players will be able to leave footprints, trails, and tire tracks on the snow. There will also be a dedicated button for climbing which players will be able to enable it in the settings menu.

Apart from this, Tencent has also confirmed the launch of a free-to-play PUBG Lite for low-end PCs. With all these major upgrades in the works, gamers across the world are sure going to have a field day.