Samsung Galaxy S21 Pre-Orders Could Surpass the Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S21

Tech giant Samsung had introduced the Galaxy S21 smartphones recently, and now the first reports about the pre-order campaign are coming. Industry insiders in South Korea have revealed that Samsung is getting 15-20% more orders compared to last year’s Galaxy S20 lineup.

The major increase comes from those going for unlocked phones, while pre-orders placed through carriers are unchanged.

Previously in 2020, only 10% of pre-ordered phones in South Korea were unlocked. The rest were on-contract deals. This year the interest in those has tripled. The push for unlocked devices was also stimulated by Samsung – the company has exclusive colours for the Galaxy S21 Ultra available through its website.

However, market watchers have also warned that while Galaxy S21 is likely to perform better than the Galaxy S20, it won’t reach Galaxy S10 numbers, which was recorded back in 2019.

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